Southwest Looms: Retailers and Manufacturers of  Southwest Design Carpets and Navaho Reproduction Carpets


The owner of Southwest Looms, Douglas Lay, got started in the oriental rug business after spending many months in Iran in the 1960s and 70s conducting zoological research. Since that time, he has become a respected expert on hand woven carpets, who lectures nationwide on the subject. He has applied his interest in the art of weaving and his keen eye for color and design, to developing several lines of carpets, including a line of Antique Persian Reproduction carpets and a line of British Arts & Crafts and Mission Style carpets.

As a professor at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Doug spent several years studying kangaroo rats in Nevada. A love for the textiles of the American Southwest was born during that time. Southwest Looms is a realization of a dream for Doug, the chance to combine his in-depth knowledge of traditional weaving techniques with the style and tradition of the American Southwest.